2012 AAEOY Sponsorship and Nomination Program at a Glance

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Sponsorship Program

There are four Sponsorship Levels. Each Sponsorship Level has corresponding numbers of nominees, Sponsor Information in the 2012 AAEOY Program Book and opportunities for sponsoring special AAEOY events.

Title Sponsor: $30,000
Diamond Sponsor: $25,000
Gold Sponsor: $15,000
Silver Sponsor: $10,000

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Note: A 2012 AAEOY Program Book including greetings from the US President, government officials, and congressional delegates; award events; nominee biographies; and sponsor information will be published. Some of the due dates for information are predicated on the time required to professionally produce the 2012 AAEOY Program Book.

Nomination Program

Nominee must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of Asian descent.
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Distinguished/Lifetime Achievement Awards

The awardees are solicited by 2012 AAEOY Planning Committee.

Sponsor Nominated AAEOY Awards

There are two categories of awards:
  1. Asian American Engineer of the Year Award
  2. Asian American Executive of the Year Award

Candidates are judged on professional achievements, impact of professional accomplishments, and community service.

Please feel free to contact us by phone at 505-250-5964/505-453-8487 or by e-mail at contact@aaeoy2012.org.